El-Shiki (shiki_nesmy) wrote in tatm,

The Restless Pilgrim

In the fullness of history there was born into the church of the Christ a believer who, as she did age, came to find her link to her idol hollow. She left her church, and did submit to the will of Allah. But submission did not fill the void she perceived within herself, and she next found herself among the Buddhists.

And so did it go next with the Unitarians, the Latter-Day Saints, and even unto the Sub-Genii. She one day came upon the fairest ones, and found St. Dwight Tat'm in prana-bindu meditation.

"Wise master teacher, long have I wandered, and naught have I found that wouldst bring surcease to the torment of my soul," the pilgrim said unto him, using that funny way of talking all people get in this kind of stories. "Would that I could settle in your temple and realize the truth in your ways."

St. Tatum opened one bloodshot eye (for he was pretty drunk and had double-vision, even though this was fairly early in the day, the profilgate), and he did speak unto her: "get the fuck outta here".

Herein wisdom lies. DYBT?
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